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What is Neuroptimal?


DYNAMICAL NEUROFEEDBACK® Developed by Clinical Psychologists, NeurOptimal® is the world’s first and only Dynamical Neurofeedback® brain training system.


WHAT is NeurOptimal® neurofeedback?


NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is a brain training system that helps the central nervous system make the best use of our brain’s natural resources. It is a version of biofeedback for the brain. Biofeedback means giving information about itself, so it can understand what is happening. This feedback helps your brain to re-organize and normalize itself.


WHY use NeurOptimal®?


NeurOptimal® trains your central nervous system to be more resilient and flexible, improving your brain function. 

It can be used for many reasons to help you with specific cognitive, emotional or physical challenges (e.g. anxiety, ADHD, depression, sleep issues) as well as enhance personal growth (resilience, confidence, enriching relationships) and help you achieve better mental and physical performance (motivation, productivity, focus).

HOW does NeurOptimal® work?


During a NeurOptimal® session, you will have some sensors that will go on your head and ears that monitor the electrical activity of your brain. You relax, close your eyes and listen to music or watch a movie, and when your brain starts creating any sort of instability or turbulence, the system senses it, and you will hear some brief micro pauses in the music. The brain notices this subtle cue that brings it back to the present moment, away from the anxiety or negative thinking. It’s like holding a mirror up to the brain – your brain learns when it is stuck on repetitive thoughts or when it is jumping around inefficiently. With repeated training sessions, the brain learns to “reset” itself, to return to its baseline quickly and function more fluidly.

Unconsciously our brain understands the mathematics behind the timing of the pauses, which act a bit like a “rumble strip”. The brain adjusts its activity without any effort from you (you can be completely zoned out if you want), to stay “within” the rumble strip. The brain does this on its own – neuroptimal doesn’t tell it to. Imagine you are walking along a path on a cliff side, in the dark. You’d probably be floundering. But then a flashlight is shown showing the cliff edge. The flashlight doesn’t tell you what to do, but now you can use the extra information you have (the location of the cliff edge) to walk more certainly along your path. The brain learns from the information it is given until over time and without your conscious awareness or effort, it learns to organize itself more efficiently. And this manifests in your life by blocks dropping away and life just seems easier. 

NeurOptimal® is free of side effects and it works with your brain at its own pace and in the order that is right for you. It also has been proven to have long-term benefits. 

The training itself is simple, safe, non-invasive and effortless on the part of the user and the result is a better you: more centered, focused and creative: less reactive or anxious.

NeurOptimal® brain training is like having a personal trainer or yoga instructor – the system points out and helps you correct your form as you train. Over time, NeurOptimal® adjusts itself automatically in response to your brain’s activity, individualizing the training to your brain’s functioning. As you get better, the level of brain training increases automatically. With practice, your brain fitness naturally improves, and you become more flexible and resilient.

NeurOptimal® helps you be the best you can be!


Is Neuroptimal® safe?

  There are many reasons why NeurOptimal® is so safe. 

When you are listening to NeurOptimal® you will hear brief micro-pauses in the sound. Once you settle in to a session, you might hardly even notice them. If listening to pauses in music were risky, our founder Dr. Val Brown jokes that you would have to hold the record companies liable for damages from old scratchy records! Certainly playing records in their hey-day did not seem to adversely affect millions of music lovers.

There is another reason though, that NeurOptimal® is so safe. Unlike other systems, NeurOptimal® does not train states of consciousness. Indeed, it does not do anything to influence any outcome. Instead it is up to your brain to use the mathematical information it receives, or not — as it will. For this reason NeurOptimal® is an extraordinarily safe tool for self-optimization. In fact, history of its use world-wide as revealed in two extensive surveys of our users indicate that we have now well over three million hours of safe usage under all our belts. And that number is growing exponentially.

Consider joining us. NeurOptimal® can help unleash your personal, social, spiritual, physical performance or academic potential. There’s little to lose and possibly much to gain!


Do results last?

 Doing NeurOptimal® sessions is a bit like learning to read — minus the hard work! 


Once you know how to read, you can’t not know. So yes, it lasts. But if you don’t read for a very long time, you might get a little rusty. Then once you jump back in, you quickly catch up and you’re off!

NeurOptimal® is very like that. Once you have done say 20 sessions, we like to say “you have it in your back pocket”. But if you get thrown off by something happening in your life, a session or two or three can get you right back. You can also stop training any time you want, and pick back up again later. It’s really up to you.

Alternatively, those of us who own NeurOptimal® frequently consider it part of our own self-care, much like exercise. We are living tissue after all, and daily life stressors and pollution all take their toll. You might want to run yourself weekly or monthly to stay tuned — it’s really up to you. It’s your brain doing the training after all. It will let you know when it wants a session!

At Zengar, we have found ways to easily keep it in our lives. We will often run a session while we are working. As long as we are not moving wildly (such as running on a treadmill) it’s fine because NeurOptimal® automatically ignores the noisy signal that prevents other systems from working. And our children will often do a session while doing their homework or playing a quiet game.

So yes, the benefits of NeurOptimal® do remains with you, and when life throws you an unexpected curve a few sessions can quickly help you find your way home.