Mission Statement

"Relieve suffering and restore your energy allowing the greatest potential of your mind and body to unfold so that you will have the freedom to re-invent yourself and flourish."


How can my coaching help you?

Through our sessions, I will help you clarify your goals, explore and think in new ways and gain newer, broader perspectives. I may have some knowledge to share with you, but bear in mind that you are the expert in yourself.

As a coach I will enable you into your own solutions and insights. I do not tell you what to do because I can't guarantee I know what's best for you. I honor that you are the expert in your life and believe that you are creative, resourceful and whole. You hold the power and I simply act as a facilitator.

I am here to inspire and support you in achieving your goals, realizing your potential and upgrading your mind, body and energy.

On my Human Potential Coach training, among other trainings, I have developed a sound understanding of the science-based information, techniques, tools and products to help you find ways to relieve suffering, restore your energy, perform better and create success.

Call me to schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation at (804) 690-7783, or e-mail me at mindFitness@mindFitnessRVA.com


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